Workshop Creative Writing

Tasha Mhishi verzorgde een workshop bij de tentoonstelling Tijd en Eeuwigheid. Poëzie in beeld en woord

Collaboration with NEW Connective

Bijbels Museum offers in collaboration with NEW Connective and VU students a workshop Creative writing on Time and Eternity. The workshop is given by Tasha Mhishi (winner Martin Luther King Spoken Word Contest 2021).

Most welcome for students. Only 30 seats available, exhibition tour and drinks included.

Time and Eternity

Faust complained that ‘Two souls, alas!, house in my breast’. One of his souls tended towards all earthly pleasures, the other wanted to lift him up to a completely different world, ‘the land of my fathers’. Therefore, Faust wished for a magic cloak that could take him ‘to strange realms’, carry him to a ‘new and colourful life’ where the struggle between the two souls that continually strove for attention in his heart would be decided.

The concepts of ‘time’ and ‘eternity’ play a major role in all world religions. We live on earth in the world of time and we are on our way to eternity, the world of eternal becoming, when time is fully absent. Sometimes we can catch a glimpse of eternity in our every-day life. Religions offer practical directions of how to follow the path to eternity in our every-day life.

‘Time’ and ‘eternity’ have also for centuries inspired philosophers, scientists, writers and artists. Various philosophers explain how experiencing art can bring you in contact with a dimension beyond time. This may occur if we connect with an artwork, resonate with it and take the time to experience its effect upon us.

Tasha Mhishi won in 2021 de Martin Luther King Spoken Word Wedstrijd, georganiseerd door de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Kijk hier welk werk zij voordroeg.

Inspiration included

The exhibition Time and Eternity. Poetry in Image and Word focuses on the recent art of visual artist Annita Smit (1966) and five contemporary poets: Gershwin Bonevacia (1992), Babs Gons (1972), Marjolijn van Heemstra (1981), Iduna Paalman (1991) and Mustafa Stitou (1974). All of them were inspired by this theme. What do you see, feel, think and experience when you concentrate on the artworks? What questions, ideas or inspiration do they invoke? Can closely looking at art ‘stop the clock’ and change into an ‘inner experience of time’? Have you ever caught a glimpse of eternity in yourself? The exhibition is available at CIRCL, from May 10 – July 29, open mo – fri 10-18.00, free entrance.

Tickets for the workshop: 6 euro p/p, drinks and exhibition tour included. Apply at:

And do not forget to bring your own notebook 😊!