Travelling museum

We are a travelling museum now. Questions? Just ask!


The Bijbels Museum does not have a permanent exhibition space anymore. You can visit our exhibitions at our partners’ venues.

We are a travelling museum now. Take a look at our programme and find out where and when you can visit us in The Netherlands. We advice you to check the timetable of the venue you plan to visit always in advance.

Dutch website, bilingual exhibitions

The Bijbels Museum has chosen to have a Dutch-only website. We make temporary, travelling exhibitions which we present in collaboration with many different venues in The Netherlands. Most of our present exhibitions are bilingual or do not need language. You remain most welcome.

We do not have a permanent museum in Amsterdam anymore. Our collection has been transferred to many important museums, which are taking good care of it. We wrote a little booklet about this process, The Future of a Collection. Deaccessioning in Practice. An English summary is available here.

Any questions?

Our OFFICE is open monday – friday
+31 (0)20 624 24 36

You can also use whatsapp or sms:
+31 (0)6 826 22 803

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